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Pistol Day Parade Interview

Pistol Day Parade is a modern rock band from the Detroit area. Formed in 2009, they surged onto rock charts with their debut EP She Wants Morerecorded by Mike Brown (Velvet Revolver, Breaking Benjamin).Featuring five tracks, the first “Rockstar’s Girlfriend” was the highlight and a leap forward for PDP. Fans drove the track to #38 on the Billboard Active Rock charts, making PDP the first unsigned band to reach the Top 40 charts. “Before we knew it Billboard Magazine is calling us and we were on our way to New York,” Jason Lollio explains.She Wants More sold 7500 physical copies and countless digitally, with a new album out Burn, the guys are ready to hit the road.

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Surrender The Fall Interview

Blasting out the gates, a rock heavy band hailing from the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll Memphis, Tennessee they called themselves Surrender the Fall, a name that was just ink on the paper of ideas in 2005. It was a thought process that shaped its way into, “giving up the option to fail, if there is no option to fail, then the only thing left to do is succeed. If you never stop doing what you love, then you’ll never fail at it …it’s kind of our thing for the band, to continue doing these things that we love no matter what obstacles are in the way.” Jared explains. Surrender the Fall consists of a 5-piece band, Jared Cole (vocals), Eddie Tyre (guitar), Anthony Pitts (guitar), Devin Hightower (bass), and Rick Anderson (drums, former drummer for saving abel).

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