Life and Religion Outside the Border of America?

You read that right, I’m about to take some Xenophobics on a ride!

*Writer’s Note* I have no idea where I’m going with this. I just hate ignorant hate.

My education is my greatest gift to myself. It helps me navigate and understand life. I’m constantly curious how things work, I’m an analytical thinker.

I’m sitting on the floor and watching a Muslim woman cook some of my favorite middle eastern food. It got me thinking, with the recent bombings at the mosque in Minnesota. How hateful we are towards something we fear.

This woman is so sweet, if you have a chance look her up, The Kat Chef.

I have a Bachelor in Journalism, four years of my life dedicated to learning diversey, how to report, cultural tolerance, etc. I really fell in love with the middle east and their culture.

My sophomore English professor had us read a book about the Gaza-Israel conflict, it was a graphic novel called “Palestine” link here to the book. You read the two sides of the conflict. I began to take sides on the matter, I felt Palestinians were like animals cornered on the Gaza Strip. I couldn’t imagine humans made of the same chemical makeup as I, not having the same freedoms I did.

That was when my obsession with the Islamic/Muslim culture began. I wanted to learn about it all, understand their thinking and way of life and how frustrated they were that westernized culture was a threat to their eastern culture.

During my junior year, I was required to take 16 weeks of cultural understanding. It was for ROTC students and I was the only non-military perspective in the class, which made unique conversations. Mostly about how my liberalism is cancer.

Part of the course is writing about religious systems and explaining to the class how their systems work. I, of course, chose Islam. We had to get our information from this site  I learned so much in a short time and how to tolerant religion and live amongst religious people.

I found myself defending Islam. Not cause I want to be Islamic, but because I realized Islam is just like Christianity. In a sense, those religions don’t want to be influenced by one another and one religion must be superior. Which brings in the west/east conflict.

I continued to learn and understand and live peacefully with a culture different from my own. I learned to tolerate cultures that made me uncomfortable. Eventually, I didn’t see eastern culture as a threat. Yes, there are the terrorists and that’s never gonna end. But we have tons of looney tunes in our western culture.

If you’re feeling angry reading this there is some studying you need to do over what makes you feel uncomfortable and how to overcome, I highly suggest the religious tolerance site.  Especially since this blog is coming from an atheist-liberal-female-Muslim-tolerating-journalist.

Step outside of America intellectually and learn about people so you’re not a xenophobic asshole on social media.

P.S. That photo is funny.


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