Angry and Crazy, But So Thankful

I experienced a strange feeling over the past couple months.

On a technicality, I and he (because he doesn’t deserve to be first, so screw grammar for the sake of making a point) broke up February 14th of this year.

Whatever, cool, moving on.

But something that was weird was to tell my existence to stop loving someone. Just stop, drop, and roll the love off of me. And people are like “you’re always, going to love that person.”


He doesn’t deserve any space within my thoughts. There is no room or availability because he burned all the compartments within my headspace and walked away with a gaping wound in my soul.

I know, I sound crazy, which I believe is part of the stages I’m going through. (did you read the title?)

But this idiot is moved on, banging some other chick, and not giving a single fuck about his actions. (Note to self: Shannon, you’re a little harsh.) I hope he’s happy, I hope he gets everything in this life he deserves. Because, ladies and gentledudes, karma is a big fat bitch.


Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Telling myself to just stop loving someone. It’s a challenging feat. It’s like landing a plane. You’re descending, bracing for landing, understanding you’ve landed just fine, getting off the plane and moving on with life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ever want him back in my life… like at all. I just want him to not exist in my world. It would be different if things ended on a positive note. But they didn’t. Where are the men in black when you need them?


The whole situation was pathetic, I’m sorry, he was pathetic. I feel sorry for the other woman putting up with his shit. Better her than me, I guess.

My life lesson was definitely learned. My standards keep rising higher and higher, because of morons like him. Bleh, and to think I wanted him forever, what the fuck was I on?

Anywho. Hope all is well within the love world and those who are struggling with it, don’t worry, you’re gonna be okay =D

Maybe just a slight more crazy.

GOD! That felt good!

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