Star Wars Battlefront… Long awaited, kinda meh.

I pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront in the spring/summer was super excited for the along-waited game to release, and now I’m back on planet Hoth slaughtering rebel scum.

Waited outside Gamestop with my best friend in the cold wind with a whole bunch of stinky dudes talking about muddin’ and UT football. I was group 2 to go in and get my game at 11pm.Now, I’m still kicking myself for not pre-ordering with hastings, no stinky dudes and I could’ve had the game at 9pm. But over said and done with.

Get home with the game, pop it in and wait for it to download. Thanks, modern technology for making me wait five days to download a game . . . *sigh* . . .  I immediately throw up the poster I got with the game.

McDreamy over my bed
McDreamy over my bed

Now a cool feature about the download process is getting a teaser while waiting for download. The game opens up, throws you in as Vader beating the shit out of rebels. I have no clue what the fuck is going on I’m just swing the light saber and choking the shit out of rebel forces. 80 dudes down and I’m over it. 16% downloaded, I’ll go shower until it’s done.

The game opens up, so realistic and beautiful, user-friendly (freaking apple), Few menu options, okay, let’s train before we hit the ground running. WTF is this!?

Ground troop training, okay just like COD, don’t need that. Fly an X-wing, little bit of a rocky start but nailed it. Speeder training, this is stupidly difficult, how in the hell do you control these things, I’ll go back to that. Take down an AT-AT, pssht, just like the movie, NEXT!”

Okay, online gameplay. Okay, okay just like COD. Cap the flag, ground war. But hang on… SPACE BATTLES!! Flying aircrafts is pretty much amazing.

I’m hardcore “free-for-all” type player, If it moves, I’ll kill it. I did enjoy the occasional Cap the flag with the homies on 360. But I love Droid run, objectives are clear capture the droid for your team hold it out until time runs out or until you have captured all droids for a certain time.

Like I said, I know I’m not good at games but damn, I’m slaughtering on the maps. 4.0 K/D ratio and #1 on the rankings. That should say something about the other player’s skill levels.

Screenshot - Xbox One (Shannamoon)
Screenshot – Xbox One (Shannamoon)

The game seems a little simple, I messed with the settings a bit. I turned my sensitivity up to about 60%, bad idea, I couldn’t play the game. However, it was entertaining. (Quintin, talking about you).

Screenshot - Xbox One (Shannamoon)
Screenshot – Xbox One (Shannamoon)

So far, I AM impressed with the game online. However, offline there’s not much to lose your mind over. A few levels here and there with immense design, but nothing to write home about (except here).

I’m sure with the DLC there will be more and more as time move forward. Last night (Dec. 2) I did a game update with “More coming soon” so there is still hope. A New Hope.

May The Force Be With You, …and also with you.

Add me on the shooter box, if you wish to game!


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