Finally! Breaking Benjamin Meet and Greet, and Work!

I finally got my blog up and running and hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll keep up on it. 

Went to an awesome concert this weekend with my best friend. Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Nothing More. It was a perfect performance, we hung off the gate most of the night. The best part of it was having the upgraded Breaking Benjamin VIP passes. It seemed like a lifetime waiting in line after line to make sure we were up and close to the band.

They played all my favorite songs and I threw my head back closed my eyes and just lost myself in the music. I tried to make sure to connect with the newer members and turn my focus away from Ben Burnley (he’s great, but I wanted to get to know the newer guys.) They are all incredible musicians with enormous talent. Burnley had the guitar and bass players sing lead on a few songs which FUCKING rocked. I enjoyed those versions even more.

At one point in the show we had 1000 people light up the stage with our cell phone lights and it was a sight to see, I’ll link the photos. He brought kids on stage, a tear to my eye moment. I remember being that kid and now those kids have an inspiration to go on in life. Burnley asked to see all tattoos and my best friend and I flashed ours, and Ben SAW THEM, and screamed with excitement seeing all the BB Tattoos.

The meet and greet was quick as there were so many people waiting to see the band, I’ll have to do another when they come to town again. I’m happy I got to stand next to a band that literally saved my life.

Nothing more’s performance was everything I wanted. I interviewed them last year when they were starting to hit the charts. And now nothing has changed they’re still the humble band they have been. The addition of Drummer Ben Anderson was perfect. (Maybe my favorite musicians are named Ben?) Anyways, all-in-all it was the best concert yet.

Off my cloud high and back to work.

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