Daniel Oliver of Nothing More

Nothing More has really made a name in the past year. Their self-titled album is climbing up the billboard charts and showing fans there is more to life than following the trends. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas the band has successfully toured coast to coast and they will be heading out internationally in November.Bassist Daniel Oliver opens up about the experience thus far, “so far the tour has been pretty much amazing, every show has been packed Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat have been killing it every night and the fans are showing up ready and roaring for a rock show.” Oliver said. “We get a couple hundred fans showing up on this tour, for us it is more about the exposure.”The band just finished a headlining national tour, “We went straight into this one and that was our first time to really get out and go all the way around the country, coast to coast on our own and see what we could do, and it was phenomenal,” Oliver said. “It was cool seeing people out supporting [us] in places we’ve never been before.”

Nothing More has been alive and kicking for almost 10 years now. “2005 is went we quit school and our jobs to fully focus our energy on [Nothing More.] We didn’t tour everyday and couldn’t really perform on a Monday night, so we took side jobs, taught music lessons, dug ditches whatever it took to keep the machine going. This year is when everything really started to fall into place, and it feels good to have the wind on our backs now,” Oliver said.

Recent singles, “This Is The Time (Ballast)” and “Mr. MTV” have really made fans and new listeners step back and think, “The spirit of our lyrics does focus on societal issues, and it’s not to complain about things but offer some sort of solution, sort of peace about certain situations. We are all involved in the song writing process, and a lot of the songs have specific stories about certain people, sometimes, but it’s the topic we all ride off on,” Oliver said.

“We all grew up in the church, I went to a Christian school for 13 years and it’s been interesting maturing as a man and still being interested in spirituality, but not identifying myself with some of the philosophies I was brought up with. That’s a lot of the turmoil in our lyrics especially about the church and politics, it all stems from the indoctrinations of our upbringings and then finding ourselves in it,” Oliver said.

Nothing More is humble though always excited to see the next obstacle, and seeing all the fans along the way. “To all the fans thank you for being with us and supporting us, and to the new comers, welcome to the family.”

Photo credit: Jody Domingue

Nothing More
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