Trapt hitting the road in light of upcoming acoustic album

Trapt is back on the road in the midst of making a new acoustic album, headlining their Self Titled Tour they hope to connect with new and old fans.

Trapt is most known for their hit début single Headstrong back in the early 2000’s. Other singles like Still Frame,Echo, and Stand Up peaking chart positions, they have come a long way since then. Kicking off a summer tour June 18th called The Self Titled Tour with The Veer Union, Righteous Vendetta, and Letters From The Fire, Trapt is performing their self-titled album in its entirety along with the hits that formed their career.

Trapt is known for Chris Taylor Brown’s unique voice, and the rounded melodies that also carry a heavy resonance from Pete Charell (Bass), Traves Miguel (Guitar), and Dylan Thomas Howard (Drums). When it comes down to writing a new album, the process is like anything else. “Usually I’ll come up with guitar parts and melodies and write some vocals then start recording pieces of it, and then the rest of the band adds their pieces to it. Other times I’ll get a piece of music from the band and it will inspire me to write the vocals that lyrics,” Chris said.

Their sixth studio album released in the winter of 2013, Bring It, was the first single to hit the charts. The album had a sense of their self-titled record, released 11 years prior. “It’s not something that we consciously did it just kind of happened that way. We just came up with the songs from what we were going thru in life at the moment and we never try to make a record sound a certain way, being Trapt we already have a certain sound established,” Chris said. Love Hate Relationship was the second single from Reborn, a music video was released and it featured Chris’ wife, which satisfied new and old Trapt fans.

Trapt will be on the road for a two-month run beginning in the middle of June. “We are writing a new album and thought that this was a good way to break up the writing process by touring and play some stuff that we haven’t played for a while,” Chris said. Trapt is currently working on an acoustic album called D.N.A. “It’s an indie type of album we are working on, we want to give the fans a chance to be more interactive with us,” Chris said. As for the tour, they are opening the door from 2002 and giving the sound a unique twist and according to Chris, they are “ready to get out there and play songs in a way that we haven’t played for 10 years and we are looking forward to giving the fans a good [show] and a chance to hang out with them.”

Trapt has quite the career within the industry. Their versatility has kept them in the spotlight and reached fans across the board. “It showed me what music is all about, the hard work that goes into it, and knowing how to keep it going. Seeing the great fan base that [Trapt] has is and the packed crowds that we see at shows, and the love that the fans have for our band,” Chris said.

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