Surrender The Fall Interview

Blasting out the gates, a rock heavy band hailing from the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll Memphis, Tennessee they called themselves Surrender the Fall, a name that was just ink on the paper of ideas in 2005. It was a thought process that shaped its way into, “giving up the option to fail, if there is no option to fail, then the only thing left to do is succeed. If you never stop doing what you love, then you’ll never fail at it …it’s kind of our thing for the band, to continue doing these things that we love no matter what obstacles are in the way.” Jared explains. Surrender the Fall consists of a 5-piece band, Jared Cole (vocals), Eddie Tyre (guitar), Anthony Pitts (guitar), Devin Hightower (bass), and Rick Anderson (drums, former drummer for saving abel).

SurrenderTwo singles out from their first album Burn in the Spotlight made the top 30 active rock charts, that’s thought highly of considering the struggle of the genre in the industry. The album is powerful, Surrender the Fall can thrive every emotion you’re feeling, from playful to anger, Burn in the Spotlight patches those sensations. The first single “Love/Hate Masquerade” is sexy and edgy, an amazing ‘get your ass up’ sound for the band. The second single “Some Kind of Perfect” is the bands darker side where the guitar chords hammer into the listener’s veins and the lyrics fill you. The theme of Burn in the Spotlight is “finding your personal spotlight,” Jared revealed. “Your own place in your life, what you want to do with it, and where you want to go, and the person that you want to be. It’s finding that place and staying there, if the ‘house’ catches on fire you don’t leave because that where you’re supposed to be, it’s finding that spotlight and holding onto it with everything.” He explains, “in this case it was me and music and wanting to do this till the day I die because it’s what I love, it could be anything but that’s my personal spotlight.”

Surrender1STF will be hitting the road with Non-point for the 3rd time and Redline Chemistry. It’s 48 cities, “so we are gonna stay gone, rock and roll and have some good times.” Jared amused. With the guys being from Memphis they all have that natural hospitality, so making family with bands on the road is prevalent. They love having that community feeling on the road, it makes shows more powerful for the crowds when bands come together and make that connection. Surrender the Fall does not have ‘fans’ they have a wrecking crew, “our wrecking crew is why we are here, so we like to make them feel like family,” Jared praised. The stage life is something that makes everything come full circle for the band “in practice we feed off the music’s energy, but when the crowd is in front of you it’s a whole other energy, it’s cosmic… it’s impossible to explain… that’s a better high than any drug, any drink. It’s an amazing connection, it’s primal.” Jared marveled, “the stage is where we find ourselves most at home.”

Surrender2The band doesn’t like to pigeon hole themselves to the genre, they’re “a band without prejudice” artists like Elvis, Metallica, Prince, Motley Crew, Wu Tang Clan, and Led Zeppelin are all inspiring elements to their music. Jared explains the best moment in his career “The moment you turn the mic, the crowd is singing your lyrics back to you. I had to stop I was so blown away.” Re-enforcement of inspirations can push a band like Surrender the Fall to the top and they are on their way.

For more information on this amazing band check out the links.

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