Core-10 Interview

Core10, a rust resistant weathering steel, just like the strength and sound of this band. Getting their start in 2003, the band member’s working day jobs as welders, contractors and inspectors found release in music. A three song EP is available on iTunes; Core10 is sure able to turn heads with their edgy entertaining sound and performance.

Playing all over Orange County the band is beginning to venture out of California. They were able to have producer Ronnie King (NOFX, The Offspring, Rancid) take over and format new ideas for the band. Core10 is in the writing process of a new record. They consider themselves fortunate to record in Ronnie’s Studio; it’s more of a muse haven for them.

The six-piece group is identified by having two vocalists, “Sean handles all the toney vocals and I do all the toney growls.” Duncan describes. “Brian, Brace, Steve and Paul are machines, we fill in the lyrics,” explaining the writing process. “It’s about mistakes I’ve made, trying to do better, or whatever it is going through my head at the time.”

Fans are always number one; Core10 is fortunate to have fans that are consistent and always there, of course welcoming new fans. “We have the best fans ever! They have been at every show since the beginning.” Duncan describes. “Music keeps me going, I listen to it before I do anything. It pumps me up, it’s a natural high.” The stage presence the band has, is eye catching, “metal always with a groove.” He explains.

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