Evan’s Blue Interview

(By: Shannon Lewis) Evans Blue released their 4th studio album mid-april to open arms on http://www.soundcloud.com/soundsandsights, receiving positive reviews from fans and critics. The first single off the new album Graveyard of Empires called “This time it’s Different” hit #1 on many radio stations nationwide, as well as debuting on the top 25 iTunes rock singles.

Evans Blue had felt the blows that the music industry can throw, but they are standing strong in spite of the set backs. Dan Chandler joined the band in 2009 after disagreements with the previous singer. Evans Blue relied on social media in order to get the music out, and it’s paid off. The band has pushed forward together, touring with A Perfect Circle, Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin.

The 3rd record titled Evans Blue contained a bonus track named “Erase my Scars”, the single blew up on national radio. The song holds a special meaning to Dan “It’s about my nephew, who passed away from brain cancer, I wrote that song based on the emotions that you go through whenever you lose somebody and not understanding it.” He explains “that one will probably always stick with me.” Since then http://www.keepingchase.com is a foundation that was established to raise awareness of cancer in young children.

With the 4th studio album out and confidence under their belts, They start their summer with Graveyard of Empires 2012 Tour. “We are really bringing the production this time, this tour is many steps above any tour we have done before as far a production goes, so we are really excited about this tour.” They kickoff their first date July 6th at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI, where they will also film a live video for the song “Halo”.

The most important part of being a musician is the fans. Evans Blue Nation has become the fan base for them “It’s like our fans are almost our friends, you see them every time you come to that city, they are always there.” He elaborates “aside from just the crowd, when you stand up there and you look on stage to the sea of people, and you’re singing your song and they are getting into it, you have to stand there for a second and just absorb it all in. To me thats just a huge highlight, it’s an image that I’ll never get out of my head.”

Originally posted at: http://hollywoodmusicmagazine.com/whoshot/evans-blue-release-new-album/


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